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Ventilator of Pneumatic Remodeling in the System of Polyfoam Producing

Description: ventilator of pneumatic remodeling is provided by special impeller, its construction allows to avoid deformation of frothed granules.

Application: ventilator is appointed for remodeling of frothed granules through pipeline of pneumatic remodeling:

1 .From pre-frothing device to hold-distribution bunker;
2. From bunker to block-form;
3. From crusher to bunker;
4. From dryer to holding bunker.

Principe of work: creates negative pressure in entrance and excessive in exit.

Modernization: using of ventilators with more capability (N 2,5, N 3), with increased power of engine.

Photo: ventilator of pneumatic remodeling for polyfoam producing

Вентилятор пневмотранспорта