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How to Make Polyfoam

1. Buy raw material.

One of the most important factors that influence polystyrene frothing is the quality of raw material and the length of its keeping. Older raw material is longer its frothing and its density attaining. Raw material of native producers and foreign ones is different in its structural size.

2. Beforehand froth granules.

-put on prefrothing device;
-load in necessary quantity of polystyrene granules;
-give steam;
-control the process of frothing through the device door;
-stop steam when granules are of necessary level;
-unload frothed granules.

3 . Dry frothed granules.

-push the button and transport frothed granules to dryer with warm air;
-move granules by the system of pneumatic remodeling to bunkers for 12 hours to dry.

4 . Bake cellular polystyrene blocks.

-load dried granules through valves into block-form;
-realize vacuuming;
-give steam;
-depending on the grade of polyfoam keep it under pressure for necessary time;
-decrease pressure;
-cool down block-form;
-unload ready block. For that open block-form and push it out by pneumatic pusher.

5. Keep polystyrene blocks.

-cellular polystyrene blocks are stored in a separate part of workshop to decrease moisture and keep away inner pressure that can happen under forming.

6. Cut up polystyrene blocks to sheets.

-put blocks on a horizontal cutting device;
-move blocks through a vertical frame with cutting strings;
-take out cutted sheets of polystyrene;
-put sheets on a vertical cutting device;
-if necessary devide sheets to parts;
-take ready sheets and store them.

7 . Off-cuts processing.

-load in off-cuts to crusher. Grinded polystyrene goes to bunkers by system of pneumatic remodeling. Then it is mingled with primary frothed granules in proportion 1:8 and is applied again.

Brief Technological Chain of Polyfoam Producing





Technological Equipment Features


Necessary amount of raw material loading to pre-frothing device (depending on its grade), steam giving, frothing process visual checking, frothing process completion by granules necessary amount achieve, frothed granules loading off.

From 4 to 6 minutes

Pre frothing device

Control screen

Steam generator

Steam storage device


Pneumatic remodeling system  

Secondary frothing device

Hermetic pre frothing device of periodic action where steam is given under pressure, temperature 104…108 degrees is supplied in two modifications: standard VP-03 (132000 r.), winterized (157000 r.), electric, gas and diesel boilers, industrial steam can be used. Is used for steam accumulating worked out by steam generator.

Special construction doesn't destroy frothed crumbles. Frothed raw material comes to its bunker. Is used for 15 grade polyfoam producing, reduces its weight to 8- 9 kg .


Frothed raw material with the help of activator is loaded from pre frothing device and comes to drying device. There with the help of warm air speed up drying and stabilization of granules comes. After that granules come to hold-distribution bunker defined for each grade.

In a drying device: 4-6 min.

After drying device: 4-8 hours.

Without drying device: 12-24 hours.

Drying device




Hold-distribution bunker

Drying device amount corresponds to pre frothing device amount. Further holding depends on raw material, temperature in a workshop, amount of product. Bunkers are delivered in different amount made of different material.

Quantity and amount of bunkers depend on the height of ceilings, variety of produced grades and capacity of the line.


Held raw material is given to block form with the help of ventilator and vacuum plant. When block form is full, vacuuming is realized then steam giving begins. Granules are kept under pressure for definite time depending on the grade. Then speed up winterizing of block form occurs and pushing of the ready polyfoam block by pneumatic system.



From 6 to 12 min.

Vacuum plant


Block form

Control screen




Vacuum plant


Vacuum accumulator

Steam generator

Steam storage device

Raw material to block form is given from definite bunker. Speed of giving is controlled by chokes of pipelines accounting the power of ventilator and vacuum plant. Block form is cyclic, close-ended, with corrosion-resistant plate inside coated so it excludes adhesion, it easily stands pressure, in a loading process pneumatic feed valves, by taking out just front door opens, pushing occurs with the help of pneumatic pusher and compressor. Cost of compressor depends on its amount and concrete block form. Cost of block form depends on its size. Sufficient vacuum amount allows to improve productivity and quality of polyfoam blocks. Steam generator produces necessary quantity of steam under corresponding pressure. Amount of steam storage device must be 2 times bigger than amount of block form. Winterizing of steam storage device provides removal of cooling and leakage of steam.


Cellular polystyrene blocks are stored in a separate part of workshop to decrease moisture and keep away inner pressure that can happen under forming

From 12 hours to 30 days.


Before cutting blocs are held for 24 hours. To get qualified front polyfoam blocks are held for 30 days by inner temperature.


After holding polyfoam blocks are given marketable aspect and size. For that horizontal cutting and facing of blocks' and sheets' sides occurs. After that, ideal facing of the sheets and their dividing (if necessary) occurs using horizontal cutting.


Horizontal cutting


Vertical cutting      


Crusher of polyfoam scraps


Control screen

Electronic management of horizontal cutting allows heat adjustment of chrome cords to save on electric power.

Forced cooling of standing cords allows avoiding break and prevents from deep burnings. Moving frames with cords allow cutting of blocks and sheets to any size. Grinded polystyrene goes to bunkers by system of pneumatic remodeling. Then it is mingled with primary frothed granules in proportion 1:8 and is applied again.

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