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Application of Cellular Polystyrene

Пенопласт1.•  Thermal protection of constructions and buildings:

-thermal protection of walls and floors;
-thermal protection of overlapping and flat roofs

2 . Thermal protection of containers, vans, vehicles

3 . Thermo-insulation of refrigerators

4 . Acoustic isolation of constructions  

5. Production of technical shaped elements  

6. Production of packing:

-for food industry;
-for economic industry and electronic equipment

7 . Production of building materials:

-construction of nonremovable casing;
-construction of panels (sandwich-panels);
-system “warm floor”;
-decorative facing panels;
-small architecture forms;
-used in ventilated fronts;
-used in production of polystyrene concrete

8 . Production of runway drainage course  

9. Thermal protection of pipelines  

10. Production of three-dimensional figures and elements